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Parent Orientation

Parent - Teacher Meeting | اجتماع أولياء الأمور

PTM - Term-1 | اجتماع أولياء الأمور
  • Saturday: 27-10-2018: Grades 1 to 3
  • Saturday: 03-11-2018: KG and Grades 4 to 12 Boys and Girls.
PTM - Term-2 | اجتماع أولياء الأمور
  • Saturday: 16-02-2019: Grades 1 to 3.
  • Saturday: 23-02-2019: KG and Grades 4 to 12 Boys and Girls.


  • Term-1 vacation will start from Sunday, 16-12-2018. School re-opens for Term-2, for students of all grades on Sunday, 13-01-2019.
  • Term-2 vacation will start from Sunday, 31-03-2019. School re-opens for Term-3, for students of all grades on Sunday, 14-04-2019.

  • Parent Survey

    Dear Parents, We are pleased to receive your invaluable feedback and opinions towards improving the commitment of our educational services at Al Ansar International School. Your Voice Counts! .. Be Part of our Future Decisions by completing the parent survey.

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