Memos and Circulars | التعاميم

يتم تحديث أبرز التعاميم والإشعارات المدرسية في هذه الصفحة؛ لضمان وصول جميع الإشعارات والتعاميم المدرسية بشكل مباشر فضلاً يرجى إضافة قناة التلقرام الخاصة بنا على هواتفكم المتحركة.

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Achievements | الإنجازات

Announcements | إعلانات

Parents Council | مجلس أولياء الأمور

Parent Orientation | اللقاء التعريفي لأولياء الأمور

Parent - Teacher Meeting | اجتماع أولياء الأمور

PTM - Term-1 | اجتماع أولياء الأمور
  • Saturday: 26-10-2019: Grades 1 to 12.
  • The Parent Teacher Meeting for the KG section will be scheduled during the week (20th -24th October) during the official school hours, as per the schedule.
PTM - Term-2 | اجتماع أولياء الأمور
  • Saturday: 15-02-2020: Grades 1 to 3
  • Saturday: 22-02-2020: 4 to 12 Boys and Girls.
  • The Parent Teacher Meeting for the Kindergarten KG-section will be scheduled during the week (16th-20th January) during the official school hours, as per the schedule.

Graduation Ceremony | حفل تخريج
Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A Levels

  • Dates will be announced soon....!

Holidays - Vacation | الإجازات

  • Term-1 vacation will start from Wednesday, 11-12-2019. School re-opens for Term-2, for students of all grades on Sunday, 12-01-2020.
  • Spring break

    Dear Parent: As per the decision of the MOE of UAE, the Spring break will commence on Sunday the 8th of March 2020 for a period of two weeks concluding 22nd March 2020. The school will then remain closed for another two weeks when online learning platforms will be utilized to provide academic work and teacher-student interaction from 22nd March to 2nd of April 2020.

Official Updates to Parents / Students
from the desk of Vice Principal - Academics

  • 1.0 Update: IGCSE LINKS

    We invite Grade 9 to 11 students and parents to take advantage of the many links for IGCSE that we have added on our website. This will be updated regularly and we welcome your suggestions and feedback. Visit the CIE-updates page, and click on the gold button at the bottom: CIE-IGCSE Online-Resources.

  • 1.1: Update: Green pens for teacher correction

    "We are changing to using green pens for correction as they are more suitable and in line with international practices." GREEN FOR GO!.....OPENING NEW DOORS AT AIS.....AIS INNOVATION.

  • Exam-conditions v1.1 - Notice to all Grades 4 to 12 Parents & Studnets
  • 2.0 Update: Saturday, 15-02-2020.

    Dear Parents, There will be only one Quiz per day. The Humanities quiz schedule this week (Feb.16-20) will be held on Tuesday, 18-02-2020.

Survey | استبيان

Dear Parents, We are pleased to receive your invaluable feedback and opinions towards improving the commitment of our educational services at Al Ansar International School. Your Voice Counts! .. Be Part of our Future Decisions by completing the parent survey. Will be updated soon.

Your Voice Counts! .. Be Part of our Future Decisions by completing the parent survey.

  • Dear students and parents, In order to support the project of "Sharjah Child Friendly City", you are kindly requested to vote for Sharjah in the Global Child Friendly Cities Summit award - Child-friendly Social Services Category.

    Voting Steps:
    1. Visit:
    2. Follow the steps in the picture
    The voting ends on 15/10/2019 Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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